70. Dark Side of The Con 3 20190505

Zack talks convention coverage with Stuart. Zack has been to the con. Stuart has not. Do y’all like this format?

Music: Richard Lee Esquivel, “Fly Snooze”

69. BRNF4: Episode 69…Nice~ 20190505

A LONG overdue coverage recap of the Nerd Fight. Another will be coming shortly 😉


Music: fuccboi, “Dead Pixels”

68. TMS31: Kill la Kill;, or, Just Lots of Screaming With Scissor Swords and Nudity

Tonight! We discuss one of Stuart’s picks: Kill la Kill, an anime that is approximately 20% Evangelion, 20% FLCL, and 60% Madoka. Feel free to listen to this in the nude, because it fits the theme. Enjoy!

Music: fuccboi, “Dragons”

67. 221BCon 2019 20190411

Tonight! We provide convention coverage for what has become one of our favorite local conventions to attend: 221B Con!

Thank you so much for allowing us to take part and provide this coverage!

Music: Richard Lee Esquivel, “Fly Snooze”

65. 3M17: Designed + Directed By His Red Right Hand 20190401